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Welcome to Affirm Arts, where your journey of ​self-love and empowerment begins. Join us in ​embracing a life where self-discovery leads to ​growth, and affirmations foster strength. With our ​guidance, align your actions to mirror the truest ​version of yourself. We are here to support you, to ​listen, and to celebrate each step of your ​transformative path. Let's navigate this ​adventure together, crafting a narrative of joy ​and self-acceptance that resonates with the ​melody of your life.

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Monette Allison

founder + CEO

a self-love + mental wellbeing program

about us

affirm arts. cic is a self-love + mental well-being program.

We offer self-love coaching and workshops to improve the confidence, resilience, self-identity, and mental health

of youth and adults worldwide.

our approach

self-love coaching is a collaborative process that emphasises introspection, establishing healthy habits, enhancing self-image, and practicing self-care. our approach helps individuals overcome personal limitations and achieve their goals.

our priority

to enable you with the tools to love who you are, affirm who you want to become and realise your true potential and confidence.

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Self-Love Coaching

engage in a one-on-one journey to uncover your full potential and craft a life you love on your own terms.

our services

Youth Coaching

empower the next generation with creative, arts-based workshops that inspire confidence and self-expression.

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Group Coaching

join forces with like-minded individuals in a supportive group setting, fostering collective growth and shared discovery.

the ‘self-love compass’ framework

three phases: six steps


to build robust self-awareness, which will kickstart a process of shedding old narratives.

it’s about becoming aware of your inner workings—understanding your effective cognitive process and finding the best approach to shed old layers. think of it as your metamorphosis.


to put newfound knowledge and deep self-awareness into practice.

this phase is uncomfortable yet crucial, where the most effective changes happen. with your coach, you’ll critically analyse your practices, trial and error, and formulate the perfect action plan for your ultimate progress.


to use information from our deep analysis to build an effective personal action plan,

this plan will allow you to thrive from your newly awakened power, self-trust, and strength. with your coach, work week-by-week to take actionable steps toward creating your desired reality.

“love who you are, affirm who you want to become and realise your true potential and confidence”

“love who you are, affirm who you want to become and realise your true potential and confidence”

self-love coaching

At Affirm Arts, we believe that every individual deserves to love and embrace who they are. Our 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you tap into the power of self-love and reframe your negative thought processes into healthy, achievable systems. With tailored support that aligns with your personal needs, struggles, and goals, we're here to guide you on your journey toward self-love and a life filled with purpose and fulfilment.

Our coaching packages are available for 3 months or more, so you can dive deep into your transformation and emerge with newfound confidence and self-love.

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group coaching

Embark on a twelve-week journey to your authentic self, ​where you'll discover your true potential and awaken your ​confidence.

Through tailored self-love coaching program, you'll build a ​foundation of self-compassion, affirm your unique identity, ​and align with your deepest desires to live life to the fullest. ​Reclaim the power of your life, unlock your inner magic, and ​radiate with the glow of self-love.


youth coaching

We understand the immense pressure young people face to ​conform to societal expectations, and we believe that self-​love is the key to breaking free from this cycle. That's why we ​created a program that combines the power of self-love ​coaching, and creativity to tackle common issues faced by ​young people today, including low self-esteem, self-doubt, ​body image struggles, social media, stress, and lack of ​direction.

Throughout each creative workshop, young people will learn ​how to cultivate a positive self-image, embrace their unique ​qualities, and develop practical strategies to overcome life's ​obstacles and achieve their goals.

This program is not just about short-term solutions, but ​about providing young people with the tools they need to ​cultivate self-love and confidence for a lifetime. We believe ​that every young person has the potential to achieve ​greatness and make a positive impact in the world, and we ​are here to help them realise that potential.


packages available for parents, schools, and youth organisations. book a consultation call today!

client feedback



Life changing practices!

Affirm Arts' practices helped me find my inner power and ease my anxiety and self-doubt.

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Youth Club Manager

Art Workshops that Wow.

Affirm Arts workshops wowed our young people, creating a positive impact during the half term.

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What a transformation!

My daughter loved the creative activities and gained a more positive self-image. Highly recommend Affirm Arts.

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Affirm Arts is amazing!

The coaching provided an invaluable space to reassess, reflect, and reset through meaningful introspection to address key challenges. In each session, the environment, materials, structure plus so much more were perfect.

I feel much more equipped to reach my goals now, and will always greatly treasure this incredible experience with deep gratitude.

youth workshops





8 - 16

our events

finding my voice

learn the power of your ​words and write a song ​to empower you.



my inner cheerleader

learn about the inner ​critic and explore ways ​to cheer yourself on.



me-time mastery

learn about your needs

and build your very own ​self-care kit.



finding my voice

learn the power of your ​words and write a song ​to empower you.



Leatherbound Journal

inner songscapes

part i

connecting with your ​body through crafting ​poetic stories

Person Holding a Scrapbook

inner songscapes

part ii

connecting with your ​body through crafting ​stories of visual art





18+ workshops

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